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EUC Lillebaelt (Vocational Training Centre Lillebaelt) is a modern vocational training centre, which was established in 1982. Then as Fredericia-Middelfart Technical College, offering vocational training within the smiting industry.

Since then, the school has expanded several times resulting in a consolidated educational business partner for the inhabitants of the region as well as for the businesses that rely on well-trained and superbly educated employees. As a comparatively young educational institution, EUC Lillebaelt is committed to constantly develop its core business, following the development in society, in technology, and in the requirements of our business partners.

Today, we offer vocational training in several fields, namely Transport and Logistics (logistics and warehouse workers, chauffeurs and specialized chauffeurs, crane and forklift operators); Production and Development (smiths, industrial operators and gold smiths); Electrics, Control and IT (electricians, IT workers and process operators); Mechanics (auto mechanics); Building (carpenters). Furthermore, we offer Higher Technical Exam (HTX) for our college students as well as various courses and certificates.

For students and trainees who are in need of accommodation, EUC Lillebaelt has our own boarding school. The boarding school has 126 fully furnished single rooms with private bathroom and flat screen TV with a wide selection of TV channels. The boarding school is located within the premises of EUC Lillebaelt.


Our vision is to become the preferred educational institution in our region, where quality of education, service and surroundings are key parameters. We wish to be recognised as open-minded and credible, thus creating a learning environment with a high degree of information as well as a welcoming atmosphere. We are established in order to serve our customers according to their needs and the best of our abilities.


Our mission is to supply education and training within our expertise with the highest degree of quality and service to our customers and partners. Always delivering the product sought by our client base, our mission is to constantly develop our skills and core business areas in order to secure the highest degree of customer satisfaction as well as the best match to the needs of our customers.

International activities

We have developed our international activities within the EU programmes of PIU (apprenticeship abroad) and Erasmus+ (school training abroad and receiving students from abroad). Through these programmes as well as through our study trips abroad with our students at various stages in their education, we have established both expertise in and tradition of interacting with agents from other countries in various settings.

Within our Transport and Logistics Department, besides the educations offered, we also run a numerous range of short term courses / certifications. Skilled drivers have fewer accidents, are more efficient, and are more economically and environmentally sustainable. Safe Loading and Cargo Securing, ADR (transport of dangerous goods by road), forklift, crane, both mobile and truck mounted, tanker transport and others. All courses / certificates are at an international recognized level, not only corresponding to O-level, but to EU level 3 or 4. A level demanded by the industry, within various sectors as Oil and Gas, Transport and Logistics, Ports and more. Courses / certificates are also offered abroad, where our trainers / assessors travel out.

In respect to the growing demand of internationalizing also among business colleges as ours, we also have focus on areas as: To create opportunities for foreign students to participate in education in Denmark. To create opportunities for Danish students to participate in education abroad. To establish partnerships abroad – with businesses. To establish partnerships abroad with other educational institutions. At the same time, to identify opportunities for participating in projects, according to international cooperation. For EUC Lillebaelt, being international, is a mean to promote the quality of courses. Being international is a mean to extend the students international competences, language skills and cultural understanding, qualifying the students to the global labour market, as well as being international is for EUC a mean to strengthen the quality of the courses and the schools image.